Throughout my career I have focused on creating systems, operationalizing services, and delivering products and programs that enhance human potential and organizational effectiveness.

My experiences and expertise span several fields – from academia, to sales, as an author, through entrepreneurialism, and as a policy wonk. For the longest time, the foundation of my work has been the philosophy that small acts performed well, repeatedly and over time, is the foundation for excellence. Applied to people and relationships, such is at the heart of love and respect. The small things we do to, for, with, and around others are a reflection of our feelings towards those people.

Starting in 2001 I began pursuing my passion in the education space in a number of capacities, first as an academic and researcher, then as a professor. But then, following the success of a one-off invention, I got bit by the entrepreneur bug. So I left the classroom in 2011 and started Parent University, Inc. with the mission to empower every parent and caregiver to be their child’s best teacher starting from birth. The impact of my company was profound: we had measurable, positive impacts in the lives of thousands of families all across the country.

My next move was to a Congressionally authorized 501(c)3 “action tank” where I become the founding Director of Educator Initiatives for Digital Promise where I founded and led the micro-credentialing initiative for educator development. After a brief stint as a startup consultant I joined a late-stage startup, Zuora, where I continue my m.o. of wearing a number of hats, primarily in operations and sales.

In addition to my day job that helps pay the bills, I’m also a full time husband and father – the best two “jobs” I’ve ever had. In addition to trying to be full time at all the above, I’ve also decided to publish my first (print) book: Parent Win.

I’m interested in everything and curious about even more. All I need now to pursue those other interests, hobbies, and curiosities is time… 😉



You can see a selection of my projects in this portfolio.

Learn more about my career over at LinkedIn.

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