Since 2001 I have been pursuing my passion in the education space in a number of capacities. I left the classroom in 2011 to start Parent University, Inc. with the mission to empower every parent and caregiver to be their child’s best teacher starting from birth. Our company has been making measurable, positive impacts in the lives of thousands of families all across the country. Now, as the Director of Educator Initiatives for Digital Promise, I am leading our micro-credentialing initiative for educator development. We are leveraging digital technology as an enabler for building personal learning networks and recognizing skills and competencies of our nation’s best teachers.

I have a history of moving napkin sketches, foggy ideas and concepts into tangible products, functioning platforms, impactful initiatives and meaningful partnerships. My experiences have allowed me to develop a deep set of competencies in:

-team building,
-grassroots community organizing,
-persuasive communication, and
-partnership development.

I believe that small acts performed well, repeatedly and over time, is the foundation for excellence.

Strengths Finder Top 5: Strategic, Achiever, Competition, Ideation, Command.

You can see a selection of my projects in this portfolio.

Learn more about my career over at LinkedIn.

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